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CISA Warns About Iran’s Offensive Cyber Capabilities

The CISA recently issued a warning centered on the capabilities of Iranian hackers, advising companies to stay alert in terms of detecting suspicious activity. The alert states that Iran continues to engage in more conventional offensive cyber activities, such as website defacement, distributed denial of service attacks, information theft, destructive malware, and social media influence operations. Iran has greatly increased its cyber capabilities over the past year, allowing it to conduct more destructive and sophisticated attacks.

Thursday’s alert encouraged administrators to also review previously released advisories for more details on Iranian hackers’ techniques and procedures. The warning is particularly important as it comes in the wake of a high-profile assassination last week, in which Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist, was killed. Iran has attributed the killing to Israel and implied that the US and other western entities are complicit, declaring the killing an act of terrorism.

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