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Airbus Bets on Hydrogen to Deliver Zero-Emission Jets

In September, company Airbus SE laid out a five-year plan to develop a commercially viable hydrogen aircraft despite obstacles such as the issue of storing highly combustible hydrogen. Airbus is seeking to maintain carbon neutrality by 2050, virtually reinventing the trillion-dollar aviation industry. Airbus has placed more emphasis on the environmental impacts of its planes as the world’s largest planemaker, therefore seeking a zero-emission model that will prove challenging to achieve.

Airbus has already spent years researching the potential of using batteries to store electricity on planes and make them more environmentally friendly. However, the plane making giant found that the relatively low levels of energy that batteries produce mean that the size of the battery required to support an aircraft would be far too heavy. However, Airbus is hopeful that hydrogen will prove to be a viable source of renewable energy in the aviation industry.

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