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Egypt Frees Human Rights Advocates After International Pressure

After three weeks of international pressure, Egypt has authorized the release of three well known human rights advocates. The release occurred yesterday, and free three Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights employees; Mohammed Basheer, Gasser Abdel Razek, and Karim Ennarah. The three individuals were members of a well known civil rights group and were freed from a prison in Cairo. They had been detained on separate raids and held on terrorism charges, allegedly without evidence. The arrests caused a global campaign to free them, with European governments and US Congressmen advocating for their freedom.

US President-elect Joe Biden’s administration also publicly advocated for their release through a tweet by Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State. The release allegedly occurred after the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights filed paperwork to convert its status from a company to a nongovernmental organization. The Egyptian government has not spoken on the possible terrorist charges filed against the activists and has declined any further comments on the release so far.

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