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Report Claims CIA Controlled Second Swiss Encryption Firm

Swiss politicians have demanded an investigation into Swiss encryption firm Omnisec after evidence pointing towards collusion with the US Central Intelligence Agency. Omnisec was allegedly acting as a puppet for the CIA, allowing the agency to spy on governments worldwide. A former investigation had revealed that the CIA and its German counterpart had established close ties involving top-secret communications with Swiss encryption company Crypto. Crypto had been a part of an espionage scheme orchestrated by US and German intelligence services.

However, it seems as though Crypto may have not been the only Swiss encryption firm involved in the scheme, as recent reports detail how Omnisec was used by the intelligence agencies the same way. An investigation into the ordeal revealed that Omnisec had sold manipulated equipment to foreign governments and armies. Omnisec also sold its faulty equipment to federal agencies in Switzerland, as well as other high profile organizations such as its largest bank.

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