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How Two U.S. Military Bases Are Exploring 5G’s Potential

The US Military and government has been exploring the potentials of 5G and has begun implementing new 5G solutions at some of its locations, including a Joint Base in San Antonio. The Defense Department has promised to produce test sites for strategic 5G experimentation. This program will span more than 10 military bases and allow researchers to observe experiments in real-time at a large scale.

The Pentagon is also pursuing 5G solutions, as it revealed last year its plant to explore 5G tech at specific military institutions. This included the Joint Base Lewis McChord, Naval Base San Diego, and Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. However, several more bases were added in the following months. The projects on the 12 total bases range from 5G enabled smart warehouses, to virtual reality, to radar. The government is expected to launch a further expansion into the program.

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