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This Bluetooth Attack Can Steal a Tesla Model X in Minutes

A security researcher from Belgian university KU Leuven has revealed a series of security vulnerabilities he uncovered in both Tesla Model X cars and their keyless entry fobs. The researchers, Lennert Wouters, claims that the vulnerabilities can be exploited together and lead to an adversary breaking into the car and driving off. The nature of Tesla Model X’s keyless entry system inadvertently could be vulnerable to attack, as Wouters explains that a hacker could rewrite the fob’s firmware through Bluetooth connection and unlock the vehicle in minutes.

Even worse, the attacker doesn’t have to boast sophisticated techniques to carry out this hack, as Wouters reports that any car thief who manages to read a car’s vehicle identification number and come within 15 feet of its key fob could easily conduct the attack. Wouters found that the vulnerabilities also allow the thief to pair their own key fob with the victim’s vehicle, allowing them to drive away just a minute after the initial breach.

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