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Afghanistan Braces for Worst as U.S. Troop Withdrawal Accelerates

Afghanistan’s government has been struggling to maintain control of the country, and the situation is only worsening with the sudden withdrawal of American troops. Security forces are dealing with an influx of hit and run assignations, Taliban insurgents have stuck letters on shopfronts claiming that the organization will execute kidnappers, looters, and robbers, and the economic stability and plummeting. When the US forces leave, the Taliban has promised to implement new law and order, either by dialogue or by force.

A young Taliban fighter who agreed to be interviewed stated that the Taliban plans to implement the same Shariah system in the capital of Kabul as they follow in the provinces. Afghans have agonized over what will happen to the country once US troops are gone for good, which now seems like it will occur in the very near future. The Pentagon plans to reduce the number of American troops from 12,000 to 2,500 before President Trump leaves office in January.

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