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UN and Europol Warn of Growing AI Cyber-Threat

Europol and the UN have released an alarming new report detailing how cybercriminals use malicious targeting and abuse of artificial intelligence to conduct cyberattacks. The report predicts that AI will become increasingly popular among adversaries, who will utilize it both as an attack vector and surface. Threat actors are seeking ways to use AI tools in attacks and looking to compromise existing AI systems to gain a foothold in targeted devices or systems.

Machine learning or AI systems designed to produce convincing content are also included in the list of technologies that the UN and Europol predict will be increasingly targeted over the next few years. AI-supported ransomware attacks could have destructive capabilities, boasting intelligent targeting, and evasion. These algorithms can be abused to benefit the attacker, as they can seek spaces where attackers can hide out on networks and avoid discovery. Although AI promises to bring scores of new, innovative solutions to the table, the UN and Europol’s report highlights the inherent risks.

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