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Zoom Debuts New Tools to Fight Meeting Disruptions

Zoom has launched new features that allow hosts and co-hosts to pause live Zoom meetings. The feature aims to reduce the onslaught of so-called zoom-bombers, users that join meetings seemingly at random with the intention to disrupt the activity. The capabilities will allow hosts to pause the meeting, allowing them time to remove and report disruptive attendees before the situation is out of hand. Zoom users must upgrade to version 5.4.3 to utilize the feature.

In addition to the pause capability, Zoom has also developed a service called At Risk Meeting Notifier. At-Risk Meeting Notifier scans public resources and social media sites to search for whether the meeting link has been shared publicly to determine if the meeting may be disrupted by uninvited people. The feature will be enabled by default when the upgrade is installed and available on all free and paid accounts.

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