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Internal email reveals 65 virus cases among WHO Geneva staff

According to a recently exposed internal email, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) headquarters in Geneva has experienced an outbreak infecting 65 employees. The infections include five people who had contact with one another and were working on the premises. The UN Health Agency is currently investigating how the outbreak occurred, stating that it is unclear whether the transmission happened within the office. The WHO confirmed the outbreak on Monday, signifying the first time the organization has publicly provided a count of this nature.

Dr. Michael Ryan, the agency’s chief of emergencies, stated on Monday that this is the first evidence of potential transmission at the WHO office in Geneva. The internal email states that about half of the 65 infections were employees who had been working from home, however, the remaining 32 personnel were working on the premises. More than 2,000 people usually work at the headquarters. The WHO stated that they have been implementing preventative measures such as COVID screening, social distancing, and strict hygiene.

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