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Crypto Firm Offers $200,000 Bug Bounty to Hacker Who Stole $2m

On Thursday, cryptography borrowing and savings company Akropolis suffered from a cyberattack after a hacker exploited a bug in its SavingsModule smart contract. The cyberattacker was able to steal over two million in DAI virtual currency. The company is now offering the attacker a $200,000 reward as a bug bounty in exchange for protection and the $2 million in funds returned. The firm’s security team claims they have located the hacker’s Ethereum account where the funds are being held and are monitoring it closely for any signs of movement.

Over the weekend, Akropolis published an open letter to the attacker, urging them to team up with the cryptography company as it is likely they will be unable to launder the funds under such close supervision. Akropolis stated that no criminal investigation had been opened thus far, offering the criminal a way out of years of jail time for his actions. The company threatened to take legal actions if the unidentified attacker did not cooperate. This tactic is generally rare, as companies affected by such extreme money theft often take the matter up with law enforcement immediately.

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