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Biotech Company Miltenyi Biotec Discloses Malware Attack

Miltenyi Biotec, an international biotechnology company, claims that it has fully recovered from a detrimental malware attack affecting some portions of its network for the past couple of weeks. Miltenyi Biotec is based in Germany and provides solutions for cell and therapy research and has recently been working on COVID-19 related products. The company boasts facilities in 28 countries, several of which were impacted by the malware attack.

Miltenyi Biotec released an official statement earlier this week disclosing the malware attacks, stating that it had hindered some of its order processing capabilities as well as some of its network. The provider also stated that it had taken all necessary measures to contain the incident, restore systems, and protect its customers, who were not affected by the attack. Although Miltenyi Biotec did not release additional information on the nature of the attack itself, the Mount Locker ransomware gang claimed responsibility for the attack shortly after it occured.

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