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Bomb Attack in Saudi Arabia Targets Foreign Diplomats

On Wednesday, a bomb attack occurred at the site of a World War I commemoration ceremony. Since the event was largely attended by Western diplomats, it is likely that the perpetrators were targeting high profile foreign figures. The bomb went off in the city of Jeddah, injuring two people. This marks the second attack in Saudi Arabia targeting foreign diplomats. The improvised explosive device was rigged to explode at a cemetery where non-Muslim people were laid to rest. Diplomats from France, Greece, Italy, the US, and the UK had gathered for the event.

Saudi authorities have stated that a Saudi policeman and a Greek consular official were treated for minor injuries following the blast. The perpetrator has not been identified, however, the attack appeared to specifically target French diplomats amid rising tensions over radical Islam in France. Last month, a security guard was stabbed outside of the French consulate in Jeddah, the same day as a terrorist killed three people in Nice.

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