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Putin won’t congratulate Biden until legal action resolved

Vladimir Putin has refrained from congratulating new US President-elect Joe Biden until legal challenges touted by sitting president Donald Trump are resolved that the results are official, according to an announcement made by the Kremlin on Monday. Putin is one of a few world leaders who have not commented on the victory, which was called by major news outlets on Saturday. Donald Trump’s team has promised to take legal action against unfounded claims of voter fraud and has refused to concede his loss.

When Trump claimed victory in 2016, Putin was one of the first to extend congratulations. However, this may be due in part to the fact that his opponent, Hilary Clinton, conceded the day after the vote. The Kremlin states that the unique situation requires the country to wait until the official announcement. Russia is alongside Brazil, Turkey, and China, the three other countries waiting to comment until legal challenges are resolved.

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