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Gitpaste-12 Worm Targets Linux Servers, IoT Devices

Researchers have discovered a new malware utilizing Pastebin and GitHub to house its component code. The worm targets Linux-based x86 servers and Linux IoT devices. According to Juniper Threat Labs, who released a post on Thursday detailing the new development, the malware boasts at least 12 different attack modules.

Juniper Threat Labs was the first to detect the new malware on October 15 of this year. The worm can spread in an automated fashion, posing a threat to organizations due to its lateral spread within systems or hosts infecting other networks across the internet accidentally before detection. The malware is known to leverage 11 previously disclosed vulnerabilities, including those in opendreambox, Apache, and Asus. The malware also uses brute force passwords as an attack method.

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