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Campari Group on the Rocks After Ransomware Attack

Italian beverage giant Campari Group has been the latest well-known company to suffer from a ransomware attack. Campari released a statement on Tuesday claiming that it was forced to take its IT services offline following a malware attack likely occurring on Sunday, November 1. The temporary suspension of IT services, the group says, were a precautionary measure to protect the network from outside access.

The drinks group controls brands such as Aperol, Grand Marnier, Appleton Estate, and Wild Turkey. Security professionals have claimed Campari is attempting to downplay the serious cybersecurity incident. One researcher claimed online that the group is being extorted by the RagnarLocker variant of ransomware, however, this has not been clarified. The attack against Campari comes just days after security vendor Coveware was hit with a similar attack.

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