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BEC attacks increase in most industries, invoice and payment fraud rise by 155%

A recent report published by Abnormal Security found that BEC attacks have increased across most industries, accompanied by drastic upticks in invoice and payment fraud attacks. Abnormal Security investigated BEC attacks across retail/consumer goods and manufacturing, technology, energy/infrastructure, services, medical, media, finance, and hospitality sectors. The security firm found that during Q3 of 2020, BEC campaigns increased in six of the eight industries. The energy/infrastructure industry suffered the largest increase of 93% from Q2 to Q3 whereas the retail, technology, and media sectors saw the highest volume of attacks.

According to Abnormal Security, attackers were increasingly focused on invoice and payment fraud, which the company found to have increased across the board at a rate of 155% between Q2 and Q3, with the biggest jump occurring in retail and manufacturing. During Q3, COVID-19 related attacks decreased by 82%, however, invoice and payment fraud continue to leverage public fears over the pandemic. The most impersonated brands were DHL, Dropbox, and Amazon whereas last quarter the number one slot was occupied by Zoom due to work-from-home trends.

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