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Sweden Bans Huawei, ZTE From 5G, Calls China Biggest Threat

Sweden announced plans to ban Chinese tech companies Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks on Tuesday, citing national security and calling China one of the country’s biggest threats. Four of Sweden’s major wireless carriers will be barred from bidding for frequencies in an upcoming spectrum auction as the new 5G networks are not allowed to use Huawei or ZTE equipment.

Wireless carriers that use existing telecommunications infrastructure for new 5G networks must remove any of the Chinese equipment before moving to release 5G capabilities. The announcement comes after thorough assessments conducted by Swedish security services and the military. Huawei responded to the rules, stating that it was “surprised and disappointed.” Sweden has followed behind the US and Uk in enacting the ban, as China’s communist rulers continue to facilitate cyber espionage and security professionals warn against Huawei’s connections with the government.

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