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Danish sub killer recaptured after attempted prison escape

A Danish man named Peter Madsen convicted of torturing and murdering a Swedish journalist on his submarine escaped from the jail in Copenhagen where he was serving a life sentence. Madsen was recaptured close to the jail on Tuesday. Although it is unclear how Madsen escaped prison in the first place, video footage of Madsen sitting in the grass with his hands behind his back, surrounded by police, has been released to the news.

According to Danish media, Madsen allegedly took a hostage inside the prison and threatened guards with a firearm, however, details have not yet been confirmed. Madsen was sentenced in 2018 for killing Kim Wall, a 30-year-old reporter from Sweden. Madsen dismembered her body and dumped it at sea after torturing and killing her. Madsen claims that Wall dies accidentally inside the submarine and that he did not kill her. Although life sentences in Denmark are typically 16 years in prison, convicts are reassessed after this period to determine whether they should be released or kept longer.

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