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Google Reveals it Was Hit by 2.5Tbps DDoS

On Friday, Google publicly disclosed for the first time a Chinese nation-state DDoS campaign targeting the tech giant in September of 2017. The attack consisted of 2.5Tbps, making it the biggest of its kind ever recorded. The attack was the finale in a six-month campaign against the company, according to Google’s security reliability engineer, in which thousands of IPs were targeted. The unknown attack group leverages several networks to spoof 167 Mpps to 180,000 servers.

According to Google, this is the highest volume DDoS attack possible for sophisticated attackers, four times larger than the previous largest DDoS attack, which consisted of 623 Gbps and utilized the Mirai botnet. Google stated that it remains the highest-bandwidth attack to date, despite three years in between the incident and its public announcement. Google believes that the attack was conducted by state-sponsored threat actor groups that sourced out several Chinese ISPs.

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