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London Borough of Hackney Investigates ‘Serious’ Cyberattack

A recent cyberattack has crippled the capabilities of the London Borough of Hackney, affecting its services and IT systems and effectively taking them offline. The Hackney Council released a statement conceding that several services remain slow or unavailable due to a serious cyberattack. The Hackney Mayor has stated that the Council is working with cybersecurity and law enforcement services to determine the origins and details of the attack, as well as to assess the full effects of the incident.

The cyberattack has critically affected some Hackney residents, and the Council has shifted its focus to delivering essential frontline services to vulnerable residents. IT teams are also centering efforts around restoring affected services as soon as possible while protecting data. The specifics of the attack remain unclear, however, local and national councils are valuable targets for cybercriminals due to the wealth of sensitive data that they hold.

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