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Russia Blamed for Cyber-attack on Norwegian Parliament

A previously reported cyberattack on the Norwegian parliament has now been attributed to Russian threat actors, according to new information that was exposed due to an investigation into the incident. In August, unauthorized individuals were able to gain access to Storting members’ emails, leveraging this vantage point to launch a cyberattack in which an unspecified amount of data was stolen. The attack impacted some members of the Norwegian opposition party, the Labour Party.

Now, Norwegian authorities believe that Russia was behind the attacks, however, little information has been released about what Norway plans to do in response. Ministry spokespersons declined to state whether Norway will recall its ambassador from Russia or withdraw any of its diplomats. In a potentially connected incident, a Russian IT advisor was arrested in Oslo in 2018 after exhibiting strange behavior at a conference held in the parliament. The Russian national was an employee of the Russian parliament’s upper chamber and was attending a seminar on the Storting’s digitalization process.

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