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Security Firms & Financial Group Team Up to Take Down Trickbot

Several security firms, including ESET, Black Lotus Labs, and Symantec have teamed up with Microsoft and the financial services industry to combat the use of Trickbot through eliminating the ransomware’s C2 infrastructure. The notorious Trickbot ransomware has infected more than a million computing devices to date, according to a statement released by the collaboration on Monday. The ransomware is managed through a command-and-control C2 infrastructure, which the security forces are now attempting to disrupt. 

The companies have been working to identify key components behind the ransomware’s operations and abilities to connect to infected systems. The organizations obtained a court order allowing telecommunications firms to cut the servers on which the operation relied, hopefully reducing the threat Trickbot presents to global organizations. The group is aiming to at least hinder the botnet’s operations and make cyberattacks more difficult to conduct. Due to the nature of Trickbot, attacks utilizing this software can be devastating to its targets, however, this new collaborative task force aims to eliminate the threat of re-infection. 

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