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Post-election protests put Kyrgyzstan on brink of revolt

The results of the parliamentary election in Kyrgyzstan have sparked nation-wide outrage and protests, with demonstrators inciting violence and breaking into government headquarters early Tuesday. According to local media, protestors freed a former president from government custody. Authorities have not completely ruled out holding another vote to confirm or refute the results of the previous election which is currently facing heavy criticism for being rigged in favor of parties tied to President Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

When protestors demanded that the vote results are canceled and the election re-held, the Central Election Commission stated that they are considering the request. Annulling the results of the contested election also remains a possibility. Although police dispersed protestors late Monday, they returned to the capital city of Bishkek hours later, breaking into a secure building that houses the president and the parliament. The building is known locally as the White House and was briefly set on fire during protests on Tuesday morning.

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