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Singapore touts blockchain use in COVID-19 data management

Singapore has allegedly developed a blockchain-powered Digital Health Passport through its government-owned investment firm SGInnovate and Singapore-based startup Accredify. The technology offers a more efficient was to manage medical records, aiming to keep patient data under wraps and safe from cyberattacks. The application enables healthcare data to be stored in a digital wallet and has been used in a test program in which COVID-19 discharge memos have been verified a total of 1.5 million times.

The development of the application began in May during the peak of the global pandemic as a joint program between the government and private entities. Accredify, the local startup, is focused on document lifecycle management products such as document verification. The digital health passport allegedly has the ability to allow patients and doctors easy access and verification to the sensitive data, which is stored in a highly secure digital wallet. The app also digitizes medical documents to be shared easily throughout the healthcare industry and healthcare services providers.

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