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FBI says hackers want to stoke doubt about the 2020 election

Misinformation campaigns have plagued the US Presidental Elections for years, and on Monday the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) warned the public about the potential of foreign-produced disinformation aiming to cast doubt about the legitimacy of the upcoming election. Foreign actors may be trying to spread false claims of cyberattacks on US voter registration databases or voting systems to stir up concern over the accuracy of the election process and the outcome of the election, which will put either Joe Biden or Donald Trump in power.

The foreign actors, according to the FBI and CISA, are attempting to discredit the electoral process and undermine US voters’ confidence in democratic institutions. According to the agencies, most US voter information can be purchased through sources that are readily available to the public, although illegal. Although threat actors have likely accessed this information, the acquisition of this data has not impacted the integrity of election results or the effectiveness of the electoral college.

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