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The Military’s Latest Wearables Can Detect Illness Two Days Before You Get Sick

Some US military personnel are now sporting a watch and ring kit that will alert them and their command if they are showing early signs of illness, catching the disease before symptoms are apparent. This is a new system developed by the Defense Innovation Unit in collaboration with Phillips Healthcare and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The watch and ring were designed by Garmin and Oura, respectively. The devices are commercially available and contain technology that is able to detect subtle biometric indicators such as slight changes in skin temperature.

Phillip’s has analyzed a massive database of patient information and has developed an algorithm that will be able to detect and identify a variety of diseases, including COVID-19, where symptoms are typically undetected for several days. The device is called Rapid Analysis of Threat Exposure. The device analyzes a total of six different biometric markers that indicate the wearer may become ill within the next few days, allowing US military personnel a valuable resource in detecting wellness when in combat or deployed.

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