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Large numbers of new detention camps in China uncovered in report

China has reportedly expanded its detention centers where they detain the country’s Uyghur minority population. China recently claimed that the facilities were for re-education purposes and were entirely optional, stating that it planned to scale back the operations after worldwide controversy. However, it seems as though the country has done the opposite according to a recent investigation conducted by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

The institute stated that there ate 380 suspected facilities within the Xinjian region. This number is roughly 40% more than previous estimates following separate investigative efforts. China claims that it is aiming to tackle poverty and religious extremism within the region, however, the centers shockingly resemble concentration camps and hold just one ethnic minority group. The new number comes from analysis of satellite imagery, interviews with eyewitnesses, media reports, and official documents. Roughly half of the newly discovered facilities contain high-security features.

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