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Gamer Credentials Now a Booming, Juicy Target for Hackers

Credential theft targeting gaming platforms has been increasing rapidly over the past two years, according to a new report. Illicit markets sell account credentials on the dark web at an alarming rate, with buyers looking to find special weapons, unique tools, and other in-game benefits. According to researchers, the uptick in gaming-related crime may be partially due to increased game usage during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

A recent study conducted by Akamai and DreamHack found that 55% of frequent online game players have had their accounts compromised. PC gaming platforms such as Valve’s Steam are also impacted by the trend, alongside console leaders such as Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. Mobile games are also targeted, impacting companies like Epic Games and it’s Fortnite game. The stolen credentials are used to boost and rank gamers’ standings. Criminals also often use dozens of hijacked accounts to repeatedly lose against one opponent, artificially ranking up to elite status.

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