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Israel Enforces New Covid-19 Lockdown Amid Rosh Hashana Celebrations

In Israel, renewed COVID-19 outbreaks have pushed government authorities to re-impose lockdown measures and procedures previously in place at the height of the virus’s impact within the country. The new developments come amid the Jewish New Year holiday, Rosh Hashana. The Israeli police have fined thousands of people for violating the nationwide lockdown during the holiday celebrations for which large groups gathered. 7,000 law enforcement members spread throughout the country issued roughly 2,800 penalties over the weekend.

Most of the fines were issued to people leaving their homes for nonpermitted reasons, including traveling to Rosh Hashana festivities. Authorities also distributed 30 fines to businesses that opened doors in violation of the lockdown. Israel has become the first developed country to impose a second lockdown on the public following a surge in infections. The lockdowns have devastated Israel’s economy, and is expected to do more damage due to the timing of the holiday season that marks a period of travel and social gatherings. The lockdown will likely last through the upcoming religious holidays of Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

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