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Justice Wants to Add Facial Recognition to Marshals’ Smartphones

The Department of Justice is seeking to install facial recognition tools into US Marshals Agents’ smartphones to assist with the safe transfer of prisoners around the nation. The facial recognition could potentially help the agency identify prisoners during transfer with speed and accuracy, making the process both more efficient and stable. A software development kit is currently being developed to begin building a tool to be integrated into existing in house applications created by the Marshals Service and Bureau of Prisons.

The final product will hopefully include an interface with existing systems that allow marshals to photograph a prisoner and match it using artificial intelligence to photos in a pre-established image gallery. The photo-matching will then provide marshals with relevant information such as origin, destination, medical information, security concerns, and prisoner identity. The agency is currently digitalizing all prisoner information for transfers, as this sensitive data is typically stored in a paper packet that accompanies prisoners on transfers.

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