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As Coronavirus Rebounds, Europe Rejects New Lockdowns

Across Europe, countries are being hit with a second wave of COVID-19 infections following re-opening procedures, however, governments have been avoiding large-scale lockdowns, seeking instead to enact less disruptive measures to combat the virus. France and Spain are leading in terms of the resurgence in cases across Europe, which may have been caused by Europe’s dependence on the summer tourism industry and travel season. In some cases, European countries have seen daily cases rise at the same rate as the US.

Authorities have been creating localized measures to combat individual outbreaks, rather than locking entire countries down. These initiatives mark a stark contrast to several months ago when all of Europe seemingly shut down due to concerns over the spread of the infectious disease. Although the lockdowns were effective, it’s clear that the eradication of cases was only temporary and the closure of businesses pushed several countries into unprecedented economic recessions. According to health experts, the pandemic could turn more dangerous in the winter as people tend to spend more time indoors. Authorities have reported that the new wave of European infections is concentrated among younger people who are often asymptomatic.

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