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Venezuela: UN investigators accuse authorities of crimes against humanity

The United Nations has formally accused the Venezuelan government of crimes against humanity after an investigation into the country’s administration on behalf of the UN Human Rights Council. According to the investigation, the country has committed egregious violations including cases of killings, torture, and disappearances. President Nicolás Maduro and his top officials were implicated in the accusations, which are grave. The Venezuelan UN Ambassador has condemned the investigation, calling it a “hostile initiative.”
Venezuela is also amid a severe political and economic crisis that has caused millions to flee over the past few years under the Maduro regime. Last year, the UN action was a part of a US-led campaign that was blocked from entering the country, raising suspicions over Venezuelan authorities’ actions. The UN team reported that Venezuelan security services have been engaging in a pattern of systemic violence beginning in 2014 that aims to suppress political opposition and terrorize the population into submission. Not only were Mr. Maduro and his administrative team aware of the crimes, but they may have coordinated operations, gave orders, and supplied resources.

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