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MAZE Claims Attack on US School System

Maze ransomware operators have claimed responsibility for a cyberattack affecting the twelfth largest school system in the US, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). Maze published an announcement on their page claiming to have successfully victimized the school district with crypto-ransomware. Maze operators have uploaded a zip file containing data allegedly exfiltrated from FCPS.

Maze reportedly published just 2% of the stolen data in the zip file posted to their website, threatening to post more significant data if ransom demands are not met. This year, FCPS will represent the 206th public sector entity to be affected by ransomware, and the 53rd school district to be targeted successfully. The potential cost for FCPS is large, as the district will choose to either pay for forensic specialists to determine the severity of the attack or decide to pay the ransom requests.

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