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City of Hartford postpones first day of school after ransomware attack

A ransomware attack has forced the city of Hartford, Connecticut, to postpone the first day of the new school year as scheduled. The cyberattack impacted the city’s IT network, including several of the school’s internal IT systems, resulting in a prolonged outage. Although security teams had already begun the restoration process, they were unable to fix the networks before the first day of the school occurred.

In Hartford, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed authorities to suspend in-person schooling since the early spring. However, in Hartford, September 8 marked the first day of in-person attendance since the beginning of the pandemic. The cyberattack also compromised and took offline servers used for bus routes, leaving dozens of students without transportation methods. All online classes were suspended as well, leaving the students of Hartford with a delayed start to the school year, whether virtual or in person. It is unclear when IT teams will be able to remediate the systems and the students can start the school year.

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