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Acronis to Secure Flying Cars

Acronis, a global technology company, announced today that it had formed a technical and strategic partnership with Airspeeder. Airspeeder is working on the development of the world’s first electric flying car series, and Acronis will now deliver technical and commercial support for the program. The racing series was created by Alauda, a performance electric flying car manufacturer.

Airspeeder’s MK4 racing craft will now feature prominent branding of Acronis logos, due to the partnership and assistance Acronis is offering. Currently, the Airspeeder Grand Prix is scheduled to take place next year, where electric racing cars will fly at speeds of up to roughly 80mph. Through using Light Detection and Ranging alongside Machine Vision technology, a virtual force-field will be created around each craft. Acronis is offering cyber solutions to ensure that the technology will allow for close yet safe racing between the vehicles.

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