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Belarus Opposition Leader Has Been Abducted, Colleagues Say

According to Belarus’s opposition party, a prominent leader named Maria Kalesnikava has been abducted. This has caused fears that government authorities are going to drastic measures to ensure the ongoing protests cease. The protests have lasted just shy of a month, and are aiming to demand re-election. Lukashenko was named the victor in the previously scheduled election, keeping him in power since 1944 and well over 20 years

The opposition’s Coordination Council investigated the situation and found that two other members of the same panel were abducted. The council stated that the victims were kidnapped by unknown threat actors in Minks, lacking to provide more details on tier safety and whereabouts. Witnesses to the event claim that they saw Kalesnikava forcibly transported to a minibus, which drove away immediately. The actions and arrests also draw criticism from the European Union, who stated that arbitrary arrests and kidnapping on the behalf of law enforcement is unacceptable.

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