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14 Suspects on Trial Over Paris Massacre

Fourteen suspects are set to go on trial in France today for their involvement in the deadly attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which occurred in 2015. Three of the suspects are being tried in absentia, while the others will appear in court in Paris. The detained suspects are being charged with aiding the militant Islamist attackers who were responsible for a mass shooting around the magazine’s Paris office that killed 12 people and injured dozens more.
In an attack related to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, a third gunman shot a policewoman and attacked a Jewish convenience store, killing four. All three attackers were killed by police, however, 17 civilian casualties occurred beforehand. This event largely marked the beginning of a wave of terrorist attacks across France that lasted several months and left hundreds dead. The magazine has celebrated the start of the trial by reprinting controversial cartoons that arguably sparked protests in several Muslim countries and may have made the publication an attack target.

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