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US Covid-19 cases near six million

The US is currently nearing six million recorded cases of COVID-19, representing almost a quarter of the international total. The US has also experienced roughly 183,000 deaths as a result of the infectious virus. Across the world, countries are still struggling to contain new outbreaks and prevent the spread of the virus through lockdowns, mask ordinances, and social distancing measures.

Global COVID-19 cases have surpassed 25 million with over 846,000 deaths. Over the weekend, former Indian President Pranab Mukherjee passed away due to COVID-19 complications amid India’s battle against renewed outbreaks. A new survey released by the World Health Organization claims that 90% of countries’ health systems were disrupted by COVID-19 breakouts. The report states that in more than half of the world’s countries, contraception and family planning access was affected (68%) alongside cancer treatment (55%) and treatment of mental health disorders (61%). The WHO claims that their investigation concluded that life-saving emergency services were also significantly affected in a quarter of countries.

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