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Iran Official Says Sabotage Caused Fire at Natanz Nuclear Site

In Iran, several recent explosions have lead officials to believe that foul play was involved, and after further investigation into an explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility, Iran has stated it was a result of sabotage operations. Security authorities researching the suspicious fire and blast determined that the fire may have been the result of cyber-sabotage made to look like an accident. The blast caused significant damage to the facility, and will likely slow Iran’s development of advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges.

The majority of the Natanz facility is underground and is one of several Iranian facilities monitored by UN nuclear watchdogs to ensure that Iran remains within UN regulations on nuclear arsenals. Iran has warned that Tehran plans to retaliate against any country perpetrating such attacks after a series of blasts at several infrastructure locations throughout the country prompted it to investigate foul play.

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