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Burkina Faso army blamed for extrajudicial torture, deaths

Burkina Faso’s army has been accused of beating, shooting, and torturing men from the eastern town of Tawalbougou in late June, claiming that the men were supporting Islamic extremist rebels. Of the dozen men taken, only five survived while the other six were shot and killed. The families have been unable to collect their bodies as they are threatened by the military forces. The men had no connections to Islamic extremists, and no evidence was offered as a reason for suspicion.
Islamic extremists have been destabilizing Burkino Faso for years, as the country battles jihadist violence that is ravaging the country. However, accusations of extrajudicial killings and unlawful detention have plagued Burkino Faso’s military, and have been increasing as of late. The ill-equipped and poorly trained military force improperly handles issues and scrambles to halt the spread of jihadist violence.

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