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Experts warn Spain is losing the 2nd round in virus fight

New COVID-19 outbreaks have emerged across Spain just two months after the country largely eradicated the virus. This week, a military emergency brigade was deployed to erect a field hospital in Zaragoza, a reminder that Spain is far from claiming victory over the infectious disease that devastated the country earlier this year. Although authorities claim that the field hospital is a precaution, it brings back memories of Spanish hospitals overflowing with COVID-19 patients.

At the peak of its COVID-19 outbreak, Spain saw a daily death toll of 900 fatalities. Recent research and an enhanced testing effort have revealed that the majority of those infected with the virus are young and asymptomatic, however, concern continues to grow as hospitals receive more and more patients. Experts warn that the second wave in Spain has the capability to rival- or become worse than- the first.

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