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Cybercrime Growing at an “Alarming Pace” Due to COVID19

According to a new report released by INTERPOL, cybercrime is growing at an alarming pace due to the ongoing global pandemic. INTERPOL’s research also lead them to believe that the crime rate will continue to accelerate throughout 2020. The report reveals the extent to which threat actors are capitalizing on digital technology reliance as a result of teleworking, online shopping, and other services that gained popularity during lockdown protocol. The rapid shift to working from home that many organizations experienced also caused insecure deployment of remote systems and networks, creating an easy target for cybercriminals.

INTERPOL stated that there has been a 22% increase in malicious domains, as well as a 36% increase in malware and ransomware. Phishing scams and fraud attempts increased by 59% while fake news also saw a 14% increase. Phishing scams used COVID-19 headlines and fake information to lure scared victims into clicking malicious links and attachments, capitalizing on widespread public fear and using it to attract more attention. However, the report also found that cybercriminals are shifting their focus from small businesses and individuals to large corporations, critical infrastructure, and governments.

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