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Garmin Pays Up to Evil Corp After Ransomware Attack

After Garmin was the victim of a cyberattack in late July that hindered its services, including fitness tracking, customer support, and commercial aviation offerings, the company has reported that Garmin has paid the ransom demands to protect its information and restore systems. According to experts, the ransom for the decryptor key could have totaled more than $10 million. The company was hit by the WastedLocker malware, which encrypted files with the .garminwasted extension on each file. However, as of Monday, Garmin’s services have been fully restored.

According to security experts, Garmin could have legal issues if they did pay the ransom to decrypt systems, as the US Treasury Department issued sanctions against Evil Corp that prohibits US personnel from engaging in transactions with the hacking group. News outlets have reported that Garmin paid the ransom to Evil Corp, which operates using the WastedLocker ransomware, through a negotiation business called Arete IR.

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