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DJI Drone App Riddled With Privacy Issues, Researchers Allege

According to researchers with Synacktiv, several privacy errors and vulnerabilities lie within the DJI GO 4 application, which is designed to act as a remote control app for the DJI drone models. According to researchers, the application opens users’ sensitive data and continues to run in the background after it’s been closed. The app is complementary to those who have a DJI drone and wish to operate it from their phones.

The flaws only exist in the Andriod application and do not affect the iOS version. The Android app has over 1 million Google Play downloads. The DJI GO 4 app reportedly contains suspicious features that are not found in other applications utilizing the same SDKs, according to researchers with GRIMM who independently confirmed Syacktiv’s analysis. GRIMM also stated that the application has a number of anti-analysis techniques.

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