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Russia’s GRU Hackers Hit US Government and Energy Targets

Russia’s GRU intelligence agency has been responsible for some of the most aggressive cyberattacks in history, including blackouts and destructive worms. The group was also tied to a massive misinformation campaign as well as a hacking and leaking operation that was created to skew the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election. According to recent reports, GRU is hitting US networks again.

Experts discovered that GRU is targeting organizations ranging from US government agencies to critical infrastructure in a previously unreported set of intrusions. According to experts, a GRU subset group known as APT28 or Fancy Bear conducted a broad hacking campaign from December 2018 to at least May 2020. The group reportedly attempted to break into victims’ mail servers and Microsoft Office 365 in a larger attempt to ultimately compromise networks. The group allegedly targeted the US energy sector as part of the same campaign as well.

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