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Malicious ‘Blur’ Photo App Campaign Discovered on Google Play

Researchers at the White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team have uncovered a new campaign consisting of malicious photo apps on Google Play. The malicious apps flood Android devices with random ads aiming to compromise the victim’s device rather than functioning as advertised. According to researchers, the app also avoids detection by making its icon disappear from the device home screen immediately after download.

So far, researchers have identified 29 malicious Andriod apps as part of the campaign, which has been named “ChartreuseBlur” due to the fact that the majority of the malicious apps include the word “blur” in their package name. The majority of the apps advertise themselves as photo editors that allow users to blur or create effects on their photos. Google has removed all apps identified as part of the campaign from the Google Play store.

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