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More Malware Found Hidden in Chinese Tax Software

Researchers at Trustwave have uncovered more malware as part of a malware campaign hiding backdoors in mandatory Chinese tax software, highlighting the fact that the campaign may be more extensive than previously thought. Last month, Trustwave warned that it had found the GoldenSpy backdoor installed on several clients’ systems after they downloaded the Intelligent Tax software product made by Aisino Corporation.

Chinese banks require that companies download tax processing software from Aisino or Baiwang. This is in accordance with China’s Golden Tax VAT scheme, leading experts to believe that the malware campaign is either occurring directly from the government or happening with their knowledge. Trustwave reported that the GoldenSpy backdoor could not be removed, however, an uninstaller appeared randomly after, which mitigates the threat posed by the malicious software. However, Trustwave soon found another piece of malware dating back before GoldenSpy in the Baiwang edition of the Golden Tax Invoicing Software.

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