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Emergency Windows 10 Update: Critical ‘Large Image’ Security Flaw Confirmed

Microsoft has issued an emergency patch for a serious vulnerability affecting the Windows 10. Microsoft chose not to wait for Patch Tuesday, as the vulnerability could lead to the compromise of Windows 10 devices or Windows Server System. Another vulnerability was also patched in the emergency out-of-band update, ranked as ‘important,’ while the other is ranked as ‘critical.’ The vulnerabilities can be exploited if users open an attachment or malicious file that has been created by an attacker.

Microsoft posted an a security update guide on June 30 confirming the two flaws, which lie within the Windows Codecs Library and were discovered by Abdul Aziz Hariri, a vulnerability analysis expert at Trend Micro. One flaw is critical and could allow an attacker to obtain information off of a user’s system and leverage this data to further compromise the target’s systems.

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