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Black Hat Survey: Breach Concerns Hit Record Levels Due to COVID-19

A new survey released by Black Hat USA concludes that there is unprecedented concern over data breaches due to COVID-19. Security professionals expressed worries over possible compromises of enterprise networks and critical infrastructure. The survey’s respondents consist of 273 top security professionals. 94% of these respondents stated that they believe COVID-19 increases the cyber threat risks to enterprise systems and data.

24% believe that the increased threat is critical and imminent, citing vulnerabilities in enterprise remote access systems that support the work-from-home movement as a chief concern. Experts also listed increased phishing and social engineering threats as a result of COVID-19 another top issue. Likewise, 87% of respondents stated they believe a successful cyberattack on US critical infrastructure will occur in the next two years, however, only 16% responded that they believe the government and private industry are prepared to respond to such an attack.

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